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1. Registration

Goto> Register >


Open this Form, Fillup It Carefully > Click ‘Register’


2. Please Check Your email Click Confirmation > Then ‘Login’

Input Your ‘Email’ and ‘Password’ Click ‘Log In’


Now You are in Your ‘Author Dashboard’

3. For New Submission Click Submit > Submit New Paper


4. Click "Submission Rules" for showing Instructions. Please read it carefully and follow it .Then Start Fillup Submission form


5. Fillup All required field and then Click ‘Submit’

N.B If Submit Successfully then auto redirect to paper list page and you can see your submited paper

6. Waiting for approval you will be notified within 7 working days.

7. After peer review if your paper is Accepted then your paper status will change. Your paper status will show “Accepted” now you are eligible to pay your payment


8. Now you pay your payment

Click ‘Pay Now’ button


Open New Page for payment, continue your payment procedure


After paid your payment by Way-1 you get notified via mail.

9.After that you download copyright agreement by click ‘Copyright Agreement’ that you found home page of Author Dashboard Fillup It Carefully.


10.Click Edit Goto last section of Edit page Upload ‘Copyright Agreement’ that you have Filluped


11.Now Upload your Agreement paper with Bank payment Document ‘Agreement’ that you have Signatured

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