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18 Jul 2024

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31 Jul 2024

Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin (ISSN:0023-074X) and (E-ISSN:2095-9419) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus indexed journal originally from 1963 to 1964, from 1980 to 1984, 1989, from 2015 to Present. The publisher of the journal is Editorial Office of Journal of Science China Press.The journal welcomes all kind of research/review/abstract papers regarding Multidisciplinary subjects.

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Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

1. Agricultural Science/Agricultural Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication Section

Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electro-mechanical System Engineering, Biological Biosystem Engineering, Integrated Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Hardware-software co-design and interfacing, Semiconductor chip, Peripheral equipments, Nanotechnology, Advanced control theories and applications, Machine design and optimization , Turbines micro-turbines, FACTS devices , Insulation systems , Power quality , High voltage engineering, Electrical actuators , Energy optimization , Electric drives , Electrical machines, HVDC transmission, Power electronics.

3. Computer Science And Engineering

Software Engineering, Data Security , Computer Vision , Image Processing, Cryptography, Computer Networking, Database system and Management, Data mining, Big Data, Robotics , Parallel and distributed processing , Artificial Intelligence , Natural language processing , Neural Networking, Distributed Systems , Fuzzy logic, Advance programming, Machine learning, Internet & the Web, Information Technology , Computer architecture, Virtual vision and virtual simulations, Operating systems, Cryptosystems and data compression, Security and privacy, Algorithms, Sensors and ad-hoc networks, Graph theory, Pattern/image recognition, Neural networks.

4. Civil and Architectural Engineering Section

Architectural Drawing, Architectural Style, Architectural Theory, Biomechanics, Building Materials, Coastal Engineering, Construction Engineering, Control Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Municipal Or Urban Engineering, Organic Architecture, Sociology of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Surveying, Transportation Engineering.

5. Mechanical and Materials Engineering Section

kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies, theory of machines and mechanisms, vibration and balancing of machine parts, stability of mechanical systems, mechanics of continuum, strength of materials, fatigue of materials, hydromechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, thermo fluids, nanofluids, energy systems, renewable and alternative energy, engine, fuels, nanomaterial, material synthesis and characterization, principles of the micro-macro transition, elastic behavior, plastic behavior, high-temperature creep, fatigue, fracture, metals, polymers, ceramics, intermetallics.

6. Chemical Engineering Section

Chemical engineering fundamentals, Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Chemical engineering educational challenges and development, Chemical reaction engineering, Chemical engineering equipment design and process design, Thermodynamics, Catalysis & reaction engineering, Particulate systems, Rheology, Multifase flows, Interfacial & colloidal phenomena, Transport phenomena in porous/granular media, Membranes and membrane science, Crystallization, distillation, absorption and extraction, Ionic liquids/electrolyte solutions.

7. Food Engineering Section

Food science, Food engineering, Food microbiology, Food packaging, Food preservation, Food technology, Aseptic processing, Food fortification, Food rheology, Dietary supplement, Food safety, Food chemistry.

8. Physics Section

Astrophysics, Atomic and molecular physics, Biophysics, Chemical physics, Civil engineering, Cluster physics, Computational physics, Condensed matter, Cosmology, Device physics, Fluid dynamics, Geophysics, High energy particle physics, Laser, Mechanical engineering, Medical physics, Nanotechnology, Nonlinear science, Nuclear physics, Optics, Photonics, Plasma and fluid physics, Quantum physics, Robotics, Soft matter and polymers.

9. Mathematics Section

Actuarial science, Algebra, Algebraic geometry, Analysis and advanced calculus, Approximation theory, Boundry layer theory, Calculus of variations, Combinatorics, Complex analysis, Continuum mechanics, Cryptography, Demography, Differential equations, Differential geometry, Dynamical systems, Econometrics, Fluid mechanics, Functional analysis, Game theory, General topology, Geometry, Graph theory, Group theory, Industrial mathematics, Information theory, Integral transforms and integral equations, Lie algebras, Logic, Magnetohydrodynamics, Mathematical analysis.


Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

Clique Neighborhood Polynomial of the Join of Graphs

An i-clique in G is a subset of V(G) which induces a complete subgraph of G of order i. In this paper, we examined the cardinality of the neighborhood systems of these cliques in a graph. Moreover, we established the clique neighborhood polynomial of the graph resulting from the join of two connected graphs.

  • CSB-18-02-2024-1208

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

Smart Monitoring System for Zea Mays L Cultivation Based Internet of Things (IoT)

Zea Mays L (madurese corn) cultivation is highly encouraged for farmer in Indonesia, especially in the East Java area. This is because the demand for corn in Indonesia is still very high. It is hoped that Indonesia can meet the needs of this corn to reduce exports from other countries. The use of technology in agriculture has been widely applied but unfortunately the application for corn farming is still lacking. One of the technologies is IoT-based smart farming, but the application of smart farming is still being implemented for all types of plants. Whereas the real condition of each plant h

  • CSB-17-02-2024-1205

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

The definition of the potential energy of deformation in the elastic rods of the working elements of devices for shaking off Colorado beetles

The aim of the study is to develop and determine the effectiveness of a device for shaking off the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) and its larvae from potato bushes. Theoretical studies include the analysis of the effect of transverse force on the potential strain energy of various types of elastic rods: nylon, fibreglass, organoplastic and carbon fibre. Experimental studies were carried out using elastic rods of circular shape with a diameter of 10 mm and different lengths of 200, 250 and 300 mm. The influence of the ratio of elastic moduli and the ratio of length to di

  • CSB-16-02-2024-1204

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

Optimizing the Operational Conditions of Simultaneous Ultrasound-Assisted Enzymatic Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction for Strobilanthes crispus

An innovative extraction method, incorporating simultaneous ultrasonic, enzymatic, and two-phase aqueous extraction, was employed to enhance the ethanol extract of phenolics and flavonoids from Strobilanthes crispus leaves. The study investigated the correlation between extraction method parameters and the total phenolic content (TPC), total flavonoids content (TFC), partition coefficient (k), and recovery (R) of the ethanol extract from leaves. The cellulase enzyme from Aspergillus niger was utilized, and a two-phase solvent system (ethanol-ammonium sulfate, 33:14 %w/w) was employed. Isolatio

  • CSB-16-02-2024-1203

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

Covering the Corona of Graphs With Optimal Collection of Edges

Let G be a simple graph. A subset U of E(G) is an edge cover of G if every vertex in G is incident with an edge in U. The minimum cardinality of an edge cover of G is called the edge covering number of G. In this paper, we established an upper bound for the edge covering number of graphs resulting from the corona of two connected graphs in terms of the edge covering numbers of the graphs in consideration.

  • CSB-16-02-2024-1201

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin

Analytic solution functions of complex variables

In this paper we will study complex functions of a complex variable. We will see that differentiability of such a function is a non-trivial prop- erty, giving rise to the concept of an analytic function. We will then studymany examples of analytic functions. This topic’s primary objective is to define and list a few key characteristicsof complex analytic functions. If a function f (z) has a complex derivativef(z), then it is analytic. In this paper we will study complex functions of a complex variable. We will see that differentiability of such a function is a non-trivial prop- erty, giving

  • CSB-16-02-2024-1199

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  • Kexue Tongbao/Chinese Science Bulletin


This study uses the Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) method to describe the Rayleigh wave velocity model on the subsurface seismic structure of Java Island which has complex tectonic conditions. The data used in this study is waveform data on the vertical component of 99 BMKG stationary seismic sensor networks spread across Java Island in 2021. Waveform data processing is carried out starting from single data preparation, cross correlation and stacking, cross correlation analysis, curve dispersion measurement, group velocity tomography and the last is the interpretation of the results of the stu